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eLaw® Enhances eDocket With New Bookmark Feature 

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List of all the Federal & State (NY & NJ) Court closings for 2016

F=Federal Court  S=State Court   B=Bankruptcy
Nov. 21, 22 & 23: State Judicial College; emergent matters only—NJ State only
Nov. 24: Thanksgiving Day—(F & S)
Dec. 26: Christmas Day (observed) —(F & S)
Dec. 27-31: Court Recess—NJ State only

New Judgment Verification System

Do you purchase debt? Trust eLaw for judgment verification!

List of all the Federal & State (NY & NJ) Court closings for 2017

F=Federal Court S=State Court (NY & NJ) B=Bankruptcy E= Emergent Matters Only
Jan. 2: Legal Holiday (F & S; E)
Jan. 16: Dr. MLK Jr. Birthday (F& S; E)
Feb. 13: Lincoln’s Birthday (NY Cts.)
Feb. 20: President’s Day (F & S; E)
Apr. 14: Legal Holiday (NJ Cts.; E)
May 29: Memorial Day (F & S; E)
July 1: First Court Day of 2017-18 Court Year, NJ Cts.
July 3: (SDNY & SDNY-B)
July 4: Independence Day (F & S; E)
Sep. 4: Labor Day (F & S; E)
Oct. 9: Columbus Day (F & S; E)
Nov. 7: Election Day (S; E)
Nov. 10: Veteran’s Day (F & S; E)
Nov. 20, 21 & 22: Statewide Judicial College (NJ Cts.; E)
Nov. 23: Thanksgiving Day (F & S; E)
Nov. 24: (SDNY & SDNY B)
Dec. 25: Christmas Day (F & S; E)
Dec. 26 to Dec. 29: inclusive of both dates Recess (E)
Jan. 1, 2018: Legal Holiday (F & S; E)

Holiday Part Closings

Please note that Civil Kings Motions for parts 30, 32 40 and 41 will be closed December 26-30 and no Motions will be accepted for those days!
Supreme New York Room 130 will be closed from December 26 through January 2, 2017.
Supreme Queens Centralized Motion Part will be closed from December 26 through January 2, 2017.
Supreme Queens IAS Parts will also be closed as will TSP, Preliminary Conference Part and the Compliance Conference Part. There will also be no Foreclosure Auctions from December 26, 2016 through January 2, 2017.