What is E-Law®?

E-Law® believes that everyone should have FREE, EASY, and UNLIMITED access to Court Case Information and related public records. For lawyers and their clients it is the place to review dockets and calendars, monitor a case's progress through the judicial system, retrieve copies of filed papers, communicate with each other and the court, serve notices and process, and ultimately file legal documents. You can think of it as a virtual courthouse.

All searches in the E-Docket are FREE, EASY, and UNLIMITED. The information is presented in a clean, printable narrative text, allowing lawyers to share the information with clients and without additional cover letters or explanatory memos. It also allows clients to receive update notices directly, reducing the need for telephone messages and missed call backs.

By virtue of the Internet and E-Law®'s distinct E-Calendar feature, a lawyer's litigation schedule is available from any online connection in the World; a true savior for the travelling litigator (or litigant).

The basic information provided by E-Law® is FREE so as to permit the offering of enhanced fee based services. Registering a case on our E-Watch service will free you from constantly looking up your case(s); automatically notifying you of a change in status or other docket event within a few hours of its entry by the court clerk.

How many times have you wanted to get that filed decision without time consuming phone calls or faxes? With our E-Copy service, copies of filed documents (certified and uncertified) are just a mouse click away.

E-Law® is determined to give lawyers and other interested persons the opportunity to use current technologies to make a dramatic change in how they exchange information and communications with the court, opposing counsel and their client. By leveraging your Internet technology investment, we want to help reduce your overhead while improving your productivity; and turn your law practice into an e-practice.

E-Law® is owned and managed by the same people who publish the Lawyers Diary and Manual®. For more than 100 years we have provided our subscribers with the day to day information you need to practice law.

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